Will York County Finally Get a Break?

The signs of growth in York County, especially Fort Mill are hard to miss. Unearthed red dirt between Rock Hill and the North Carolina Stateline dotted the landscape. Replaced with new housing and commercial developments York County grew faster than the infrastructure.

Michael Johnson, a York County Council member, asked for moratorium plans on new residential developments in the unincorporated areas surrounding Fort Mill. The moratorium allows the county time and infrastructure to catch up with the rapid growth. Community residents expressed their frustrations with the growth at a recent community forum held at a Fort Mill middle school.

Frustrations with traffic are not new in Fort Mill, but they have grown as the housing developments fill with new residents. The residents are not against growth, but they called for faster development of the roads and schools to catch up with the number of new residents.

There has been a 49 percent increase in York County residents since the 2000 U.S. Census. This does not include Crescent Communities, which will add 650 homes in York County or the planned Lincoln Harris and Cato Corp mixed-use development on the former Charlotte Knights baseball stadium.

York County Council Chairman, Britt Blackwell does not favor the moratorium on development.

The moratorium might be up for debate and vote on the April agenda.


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