Stanley Black & Decker Looks at Fort Mill

Word broke in late May and was confirmed by regional industrial developers that Stanley Black & Decker Inc. is looking to build a 400,000 square foot tool manufacturing center in the Fort Mill area.

Although it is too early to know where exactly Stanley Black & Decker would like to break ground, it has been reported that the company would like to remain close to their already established DeWalt hand tool-manufacturing factory located near Carowinds in northern York County. Stanley Black & Decker spokes person Tim Perra went on record saying “It is far too early to comment on any plans for infrastructure expansion in any area of the country, particularly with respect to any specific location or countyā€¯.

This development is speculated to be part of a reshoring of production plan that CEO James Loree began talking about after Stanley Black and Decker purchased the Craftsman brand. Loree has spoken about putting a 35 million dollar production plant in the United States to avoid import tariffs that were proposed by the trump administration. This development would benefit the already growing town of Fort Mill as well as stakeholders all around the Charlotte metropolitan area.


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