Brewery To Main Street

If sipping local craft beer while relaxing in a renovated, century-old building sounds like a good time, then you are in luck. In January of 2018, located on the 200 Block of Main Street in Downtown Fort Mill directly across from Hobo’s, you will be able to find the new Amor Artis Brewery.

Amor Artis’s owners are two local brothers, Travis and Steve Tolson. Both brothers bring their own set of skills and expertise to the table. Steve has two science degrees including a masters degree from The Citadel and Travis has an extensive history in Brewing. Travis, once a financial advisor, moved to Alaska after his wife was stationed there with the US Military many years ago. Once in Alaska, he decided to give up his traditional 9 to 5 and started working at a local brewery. A few years later, Tolson and his family moved back to the Carolinas and he began working for Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina. Although Asheville was nice, Tolson missed being home and he and his family decided to relocate back to Fort Mill.

The brewery is going to be opened in what was once, The Knife Shop, a photographer’s studio, and a comic store. It will also be connected to Improper Pig, a local restaurant based in Charlotte.

Travis Tolson has stated, “We’re excited to be back in our hometown doing what we love to do”. Whether or not Amor Artis is going to start distribution of beer once open is still up for discussion, “Our main focus is to provide quality beer and beverage to the local community”.

Amor Artis plans to open on or before the start of 2018

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