2,800 Acres to Reshape Fort Mill

Fort Mill Town Council is working through a revised agreement impacting almost 2,800 acres in town, which could bring more commercial property and needed infrastructure improvements.

Council discussed four items in executive session, which isn’t open to the public, during a Feb. 13 meeting. The biggest issue involved eight pieces of land throughout town and nine property owners, including Clear Springs Land Company, Springland, Inc. and Anne Springs Close. In 2008 the town annexed 2,785 acres belonging to those groups encompassing residential, commercial, industrial and mixed uses.

The biggest change comes on the commercial side. The proposed amendment would increase the allowed commercial space at Kingsley from 1.5 million to 6 million square feet. All five commercial pieces in the original development agreement, including Kingsley, only totaled 2.6 million square feet.

The property includes seven residential pieces, from the 1,025 units at Kingsley to the nearly built out Springfield to three projects that haven’t begun. In all there will be 3,790 residences, with 2,672 of them remaining to be built.

The industrial component, 2.8 million square feet of space in Bradley Park, hasn’t been built yet and won’t change with the potential amendment.

Part of the discussion involves an acre site for a future fire station in the original agreement. Discussions now are for a 1.5-acre site, to be donated within 180 days of the amendment. There also is a requirement the town and landowners work to find a public water tower site, including easements and right-of-way needed.

The agreement would update building, road and other codes changed since the initial deal. It would involve right-of-way setbacks for developments along highways.

The initial agreement was good for 20 years. Now it would be good for 20 years from the latest amendment.

In a separate executive session item, the Council discussed its lease agreement with Leroy Springs & Co. The town and company signed a lease agreement in March 2010 for recreational facilities. The lease ran 10 years. Included were the gym on Banks Street used by the town for parks and recreation offices, and recreation play.

The company is now selling the gym and surrounding space to Scott Development Group. Plans are for 51 new homes on the former Fort Mill High School site.

Per the discussed lease amendment, the gym would be removed from the original lease. Within 60 days of purchasing the site, Scott Development would pave a new parking lot as part of its redevelopment. The town would maintain access to existing parking until the new space is complete.

In the original lease, the town pays Leroy Springs $30,000 annually for services including athletics registration, administrative services and access to the company’s website and software systems. The proposal discussed Monday night was for the town to pay half that amount for services through the end of its fiscal year Sept. 30, after which the town will be responsible for those services.

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